Friday, July 29, 2011


The kids are at camp this week!

This is our children's first camp experience and they are loving it.  Yesterday was Parent's Day.  Todd, Bryce, and I went up to visit Bonnie and Brian at camp.  While Bonnie and Brian were busy with their cabins, Todd, Bryce and I checked out all the fun stuff to do.

Of course, Todd had to challenge the camp counselors to a round of foos ball. 
Behind the main lodge, you can busy yourself with pinp pong, volleyball, putt-putt course, and more.

After checking out the facilities we all gathered in the meadow to eat hamburgers, slaw, and beans. Yum!

Than back to the main lodge where all the cabins put on skits that were based off a Bible verse they had learned about. 

Bonnie's group showed a dysfunctional family that encountered God.  Bonnie played the part of a the clepto house maid. 

Brian's group did the Bible in song.  Their counselors played instruments and the boys danced during the music and then froze to share key events and people in the Bible.

It was fun and encouraging to see the kids.  Brian was the most reluctant about going to camp and yet he seemed to be having the most fun.  Bryce heads off to camp in two weeks.  After seeing what camp is like, he can't wait to go.

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