Thursday, July 14, 2011


It is cherry season in Washington.

Bings, Rainers, and Lamberts are just a few that I know of. 

Todd's mom surprised us with a box of Lambert cherries.  They are a sweet cherry that make a great snack.  I not big on canning sweet cherries but not wanting any of them to go to waste we decided to dehydrate them.

Pat loaned us her dehydrater and we went to work.

 Bryce pitted the cherries.
 I sliced the pitted cherries in half.

 Mom placed the sliced, pitted cherries on the trays for the dehydrator.
We filled up seven trays with our cherries.  Twenty four hours later we had nice dried cherries.  Talk about yummy.  I had intended to use the dried cherries for protein bars, but we have eaten them all up. 

I have several bags of frozen cherries.  I wonder how well they would dehydrate if I thawed them out.  hmmm

Worth a try.

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