Thursday, July 14, 2011


Behind the town of Leavenworth is  Black Bird Island.  If you follow the trails through Black Bird, go over the bridge back to the mainland and then follow the trails on the far left you will end up at the kid's fishing pond.

Ever since we discovered the pond the boys, especially Bryce, have been wanting to go fishing.  With Mamaw and Papaw here, it seemed the time was right to try out their fishing poles and test the waters.

We all headed down and were rewarded with seven fish!

 Bryce and Brian caught three fish each. 

Bonnie caught one and Autumn, well, Autumn caught at least two but they both got off the hook before she could reel them in.  She did catch a nice stick though.

Dinner plans were changed to fried fish for that night.  Todd and the boys filleted the fish, while Bonnie made oven french fries, and Mom and I made fried onion strings.  Yum!

I think we need to make this a weekly tradition. 

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