Friday, April 22, 2011


I finally found the grit needed to run Bryce's rock tumbler.
After a trip to Black Bird Island, we gathered as many rocks as the tumbler could hold and started the process of smoothing off their rough edges and polishing them.  I forgot to take a picture of them when we first got them but this is the rocks after the first round of tumbling.  

The rocks are now going through round two with fine sand to smooth them out even more.  Round three is a pre-polisher and round four is the final polish.  All in all it will take about another week and a half before we are done with them.

Did you notice the heart shaped rock on the top?  I found that one.  Cool, huh?

In other news,  the saga with our renter is continuing on.

Here is the good news - there is nothing wrong with the well.  The well is fine, the pump is fine, and there is water in the well.  Our tenant is just not managing her water.

Here is the bad news - she is not taking care of our property, she has allowed her sister and her family to move in with her, and is refusing to pay any rent for this month.

  Here is what I am hoping for - I am hoping that she won't pay anything in the next few days so that we can evict her.  Sad but true - I want her out of my house.  I talked with a few of my neighbors and they are not pleased with our tenant. Well, neither am I.

My final hope and prayer - to sell this house and soon. 

Again, it is all in God's hands.

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