Sunday, April 17, 2011


Coming home from an afternoon of rock picking off Black Bird Island, the boys and I saw a fire truck go screaming by.  We thought it was a paramedic run at first until we rounded the corner to our house and saw a puff of smoke.  I was relieved when we saw it wasn't our house on fire but that relief quickly turned to fear when we realized that our friend's house was on fire.  Actually, the fire was not in their house but in their garage which is separate from the house.  The boys' were deeply concerned for their friends, Geddes and Hayden, but when we made it up to the house we found that the boys were at their grandparents.  Their mom, Jennifer, had been at home alone when the fire broke out.  We still don't know how the fire started but the garage was destroyed. Fortunately it didn't make it to the house.

As you can imagine the whole neighborhood was outside watching the fire.  I was able to reacquaint myself with Gabriella, a lady I met last summer at the pool.   We visited while watching all the action.

Please be praying for Shane and Jennifer and their boys.  Bonnie had been puppy sitting for them for a few days and their boys and ours had been starting a friendship. We have known Shane and Jennifer since our ABR days and I am wanting to renew that relationship now that we are here.

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