Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Consequences Of Today...

The Consequences of today are smaller today than the consequences of tomorrow.

That is one of my husband's favorite sayings and it is so true.  Yesterday, my boys got to experience that first hand.   At the base of Rattlesnake Hill some large boulders have created a fort like structure.  The boys asked if they could go up there to play and I let them.  They took my cell phone and knew that they had to be back home by 5pm for dinner.  At five they came home on time but with something extra in their hands.  Apparently they were throwing sticks around and in the direction of the road.  A motorist felt threatened by them and called the police on the boys.  A deputy came by and talked to the boys about the danger at throwing things towards the road and wrote them a warning citation. Needless to say they won't be doing that again.  

To be honest, I am glad this happened.  My boys learned a huge lesson with minor consequences.  They learned to think about what they are doing and how they affect others.  They learned that even when they are not under the supervision of mom and dad that they are still expected to abide by the rules of society and they are going to be held accountable.  
Todd told me I should frame their warnings but I think I will just slip them into their scrapbooks.  A nice reminder of how we need to behave properly in public and keep everyone's safety in mind.


Speaking of Consequences ... our renter is facing the consequences of her own actions.  She has not paid rent this month and was placed on eviction notice.  However, before they could serve her eviction papers she has decided to move out.  One of my neighbors called yesterday to inform me that truckloads of furniture were leaving the house.  Shortly after, the renter called my property manager to inform her that she would be out of the house by Thursday.  To be honest I am glad to be done with all of this.  Today I will be calling our real estate agent to get the house ready to go back on the market next weekend.  Houses are selling in NC, unemployment is down, and a thousand of new jobs just came to town.  I think it is a good time to sell. 

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  1. Glad they are ok, good lesson. Definitely keep the warning in a scrapbook, it will make a good "remember when?" moment.