Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We're In the Movies

7AM we reported to work. 
The kids signed in as extras for the Ira Finklestein movie. 
I settled in to a full day of monitoring child actors do their school work.

One thing we learned today is that being in a movie is a lot of being ready to work and then waiting...and waiting...and waiting.  Did I mention that there is a lot of waiting involved?  The kids ended up sitting at their table for over five hours.  Brian finally got picked to go out with a group of people to walk down the street.  Bonnie and Bryce got their chance after lunch.  They were used as background shoppers in the Christmas store (Kris Kringle) while the main characters acted out their scene.  I got the privilege of watching the scene being filmed and was pretty impressed with everyone, my kids included.

We learned a lot today.  For one, bring more snacks.  Second, bring more to do - such as, school work, books to read, activity puzzles, or electronics.  You never know how long you will have to wait. 

They all report back on Thursday to appear in the Christmas parade and then back on Friday night.  Bonnie is hoping that on Friday they will have a sledding scene. 

Today I had two more young actors to monitor.  They were eight and nine and very pleasant to work with.  My challenge was that neither one had school work to do.  Fortunately, I took the advice of one of the moms to bring some educational games.  I brought with me a States and Capitals game and the kids loved it.  We must have played it four or five times.  The moms were excited too that their kids were practicing their states and capitals because they haven't learned them yet in school. 

Todd saved the day when he showed up with some laptop computers and hooked us up with some educational games for the kids to play.  They did some math and some language games for a while.

Hopefully tomorrow they will have some work to do.  I get a new actor tomorrow as well.  This young actor is thirteen and plays one of the bullies.  Don't worry.  I met him today, and he is a perfect gentleman.

I also learned that the set teacher is also a guardian or child advocate for the young actors.  It is my job to make sure they are treated well and I don't leave until they are all done acting even though school is over.

What an experience.  I can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow.

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