Friday, March 18, 2011


It's Friday!!!

This week in the James household, we did our best to get back on track with our studies.  Despite our best efforts, life kept getting in the way.

We struggled to get  up and get going in the morning.  By Wednesday when we started to get on track, we had dentist appointments for all three kids.

PROMO for Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry---If you live in my neck of the woods this is the place to go.  My kids didn't want to leave.  First, the waiting room was complete with flat screen tvs playing movies, a train table, a wii station, a XBox, a Playstation2, and a slide.  Second, they worked on all three kids at the same time in the same room.  One room with three chairs/beds with flat screen tvs on the ceiling playing movies for the kids to watch while their teeth were being worked on.  After cleaning the kids teeth, they asked if we could stay and they would seal and fix any cavities right then.  I was pretty impressed.  We managed to squeek in our math and language when we got home but that was all we had time for.

Thursday was a work day at church.  We were asked to come out and help cut and sew tablecloths for the church tables.  Bonnie and I helped the ladies while the boys worked on their school work in a back room.

Today, well, we played hooky in the morning.  Here is the deal.  I have been wanting to watch The Princess Bride with the kids for some time, but the video store in town has it checked out for the month.  I found out that it was going to be playing on tv this morning so guess what we did?  Yep, we watched The Princess Bride.

  Ok, THEN we worked on school work until about 4pm.

Now the day is coming to a close.  Bonnie is spending the night at a friend's house and Todd has decided to watch movies with the boys.  THEME - SCARY.  Guess what we got???

I can't wait to see if the boys have it in them. 

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