Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Is Not Over Yet

Snow has been falling since early Sunday morning.  This morning I measured the snow fall and came up with eight inches.  By noon, another two inches had fallen.  I would guess we got a total of 12 inches by now.  I know, no one in our house is complaining.  Well, ok, they aren't too thrilled with snow duties, but they sure had fun sledding downtown after school. 

Today was an off day for the movie crew.  Tomorrow, however, we have to check in at 7am.  Did you catch that?  I said WE have to check in.  The kids are going to be extras in the movie tomorrow.  I would be too except now I am working as the set teacher so I have to stay in the classroom and monitor the actors as they come in and out.  I am required to work up in the classroom for twelve hours a day.  That sounds like a lot to be in one room, but the pay check after the end of the two weeks will be worth it.

Today the kids and I went to the community cupboard to find some colorful hats and coats to wear.  The extra's director doesn't want any black - no black coats, hats, scarfs, etc.  Fortunately, Bonnie has a baby blue coat, Bryce's coat is orange, and Brian has an extra coat that is red.  However, we did have black hats so we needed to find something more colorful.  They want this movie to be light and festive and no drab colors.  The kids will need to dress warm as they will be outside most of the morning.

Since I will be inside, the kids are going to be given "fake" parents to hang around with.  Brian wasn't to thrilled about that.  He really wanted to be with me.  I think he is also scared about what he is going to be asked to do.  I explained to him how when you watch movies and you see people window shopping or walking down the sidewalk that those people are really extras that have volunteered or been hired to walk or look at things.  He seemed to relax about that.

So time to wind down for the night and get everyone ready for an early morning.

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