Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Half Day

Today I only had to work a half day and I am not complaining.  Not that working with the kids is hard, just long.  What makes it even longer is that some of the children do not have work to do.  I don't have many resources but I brought in today an interactive book on the California Gold Rush for Jack, the nine year old.  I also had Jack and Shaye, who is eleven, read a story out of my unit study book on Slavery in the United States.  What can I say?  That is all I had.  I still had the laptop for them to play some ed. games with, but no one was interested.

Yesterday I said I would have a new student today.  Let me correct that.  Today I had four new students.  Three teenage boys that play the bullies in the movie - Jack the Jerk and his two cronies joined our class.  Also joining us was Jenna who is sixteen.  There is one more student but his mom is his legal teacher (What does that say about home school moms?  Just asking.) and so he is working with her in a different area.  There wasn't a minute of peace today except for the few moments when the kids and I would walk through the snow to the Kraft house or otherwise known as the snack shop.  The Krafty ladies keep a constant supply of food and drink for all those in the movie.

Tomorrow is the big day with a big parade going down front street.  Extras are called to be there at 7am to line the street.  Todd's school will be there as well as my kids.  I don't have to report to work until 8:30 so I plan to hang out on the street with them as long as I can.

I might get a few pictures for you.  I have hesitated about taking them because I wasn't sure how professional that would be.  The moms, however, of the kids are always taking snapshots to capture this moment, so maybe I can too. 

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