Monday, January 31, 2011

Say That Again???

This past weekend Todd went kayaking again.  He has been trying to get out at least once a week.  Usually he takes with him one of the elders from our church - Dirk.

Todd got a kick out of Saturday's trip.  Both Todd and Dirk are pretty blind without their glasses, but neither one of them wants to risk losing them on the trip so they have opted to paddle "blind" down the Wenatchee River.

On this particular trip a giant bird flew over their heads.  Squinting as hard as he could Todd called out to Dirk, " Hey, I think that is a bald eagle."  At which point, Dirk squinting as hard as he could confirmed that Todd might be right.  He thought he saw some white on its head.

After their float was over, Todd and Dirk were heading down the Tumwater Canyon when they decided to check out the water to see if they were up to some Class 5 rapids.  They are not, by the way.  With their glasses on and able to see a whole lot better, Todd looked up and this time saw two bald eagles overhead.  They were pretty excited that this time they could actually see the birds and enjoy them.

Yesterday, in Sunday School, Todd was telling this story to the class when Walt, who is 98 years old and very unpredictable, pipes up, "Those weren't eagles.  They were Siberian Seagulls."  ( I need some sound effects here.  You know, like, budump bump! With maybe a cymbal crashing.)

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