Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Crud

I've got the crud.  You know, that I am filled up with mucus and junk stuff that is going around?!  Yep, I got  it.  It started with sinus headaches this past weekend, those headaches that make you feel like your eyeballs are going to bug out.  By Sunday night, the mucus starting flowing, and well, do I really need to go into anymore gory details? 

Our school week has been impacted by my lack of desire to do anything except blow my nose and lay in bed.  However, I have determined to keep everyone going and found a wonderful solution to my predicament. 

Our history has been centered around Ancient Greece and the Persian Wars.  We had just read about Leonidas and the 300 Spartans at Thermopalae.  Since I am very visual, I  went to my favorite resource, Youtube, and found the History Channel's documentary on the Last Stand of the 300 Spartans.  It is a 100 minutes long so we broke it off into two segments and spent Tuesday and Wednesday watching the program.  It is a great tool to see how Spartans were raised and trained, the weaponry of the Greeks, as well as key figures in the Greek-Persian Wars - such as Leonidas, Thermosticles, and King Xerxes.

We didn't advance in our Latin studies but continued to review lessons 6 - 9.  I think the kids have it and are ready for one more lesson before the test.  Brian is quick to memorize.  He memorizes so easily and remembers it that the other two get quite frustrated with him.  Hopefully, it will motivate them to learn their stuff and be quicker on the draw when verbally quizzing.

In math, Bonnie is factoring polynomials, Bryce is subtracting fractions with borrowing, and Brian is working with graphs.  I am having to lean more and more on Todd when it comes to explaining Bonnie's math to her.  I think it is about time to buy a teacher's manual, or start scheduling a time for Bonnie to have math with her dad. 

In language, Bonnie is learning how to identify and diagram gerunds, infinitives, and noun clauses.  Brian is dealing with adjectives, and Bryce is focusing on his prepositions.

Bonnie right now is reading Homer's Odyssey, Brian is being forced to read a Magic Tree House book on Ancient Greece and Bryce is reading faithfully everyday in his readers.  Me...I am reading through the Janette Oke books again because they are here in the house and I need something to relax with.

The week is just about over and I am praying that this crud will go away.  Thank goodness for Nyquil to help me sleep at night.

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