Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Fort

In earlier posts I have talked about the kid's snow fort.  When I saw the boys playing in it this afternoon I figured I better get out there and take a picture of it while I can.  As you can see, it is higher than the stop sign which is in the background. 

This is actually fort #3. The first snow fort was next to the driveway where all the snow had built up from shoveling off the driveway and from the neighbor plowing off his parking area.  However, the kids abandoned it when it collapsed on them. 

Fort #2 was built when we got over 14 inches one day and all the snow build-up slid off our neighbor's roof creating a large pile between our two houses.

But  this is the favorite of the forts.  The city piled up the snow here when they cleared off all the snow build up that was blocking the street parking.  The kids used a couple of old butter knives to dip out tunnels and such to make it what it is today.

Right now the fort is rock hard due to several days of  warm weather followed by a week of single digit weather.  I think they will have it for a while to enjoy.

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  1. That brings back memories for me of the Blizzard of 1978 in Indiana. We made snow forts just like this. Thanks for sharing!