Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Date Night

Todd and I are going on a date....an overnight date!  Woo Hoo!!

For Christmas, Todd gave me a night out in Wenatchee.  We will be staying at a hotel that has all the perks and dinner out.  I know this sounds cheap, but for me, the thing that makes it really relaxing is that there is no money involved.  Evidently, Comfort Suites sent out gift certificates to all the churches in the area.  Todd held on to his until Christmas.  He also racked up a couple of gift cards to the Olive Garden which will pay for dinner and lunch.  Ok... I admit it...I am cheap. : )  Frugal is my word of choice.  Regardless, we get an evening to ourselves with no phones, no interruptions, good food, a hot tub, and more.

Todd's mom is taking the kids for the evening and tomorrow.  That means I need to set up their lessons for tomorrow so that they have plenty to do when she goes to church to work in the office.  My only qualm is that tonight the boys start wrestling practice and I won't be there to get them started and meet the coach.  I have half a mind to talk Todd into coming back here for the start of practice and then leave after it gets going.  hmmmm...I will have to think on that one some more....

So time to get this day rolling, set up lessons, pack the bags, and get this day started.

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