Monday, January 3, 2011


Break is over and time to get going again.  To be honest, I seriously contemplated taking today off but decided just to ease into it instead.

The alarm went off at 5am to get up and exercise but Todd informed me that he wanted to exercise at noon so I reprogrammed the alarm and went back to sleep for an extra hour. Up at six with breakfast on the table by 7 and everyone except for Todd and I were still in bed.  I think that fact settled it in my head that I should let the kids sleep, get some prep done for the school day, and start an hour later than usual.  I think that was the best decision.

Finally prepped with Latin worksheets and Science study guides, the boys began to emerge and I felt an hour and a half of extra sleep was sufficient enough so that I could wake up Bonnie.  In all reality we weren't too far behind schedule and the kids were in a better frame of mind with the slow start.

After a heart to heart chat with the kids, a couple of chapters in Judges, and a new list of Latin words to learn ( I think I am finally understanding how to conjugate verbs and noun declensions.) the kids broke off to their individual math and language workbooks.  Brian is learning how to figure annual premiums for insurance.  He hates it by the way.  Not that he can't do the math, but he can't figure out why he needs to know what the insurance premium is for a 40 year old male who wants to take out standard life insurance for a $400,000 policy.  I understand his pain, but start tell him to start figuring it out.  Who knows he might just be an insurance salesman. NOT!  Bonnie is in the midst of Algebra 1 and finding it easy to handle.   Bryce is working with equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, changing mixed numbers to fraction....OK how about I just say fractions.  Oh and by the way, I love fractions.  Why I didn't get it as a kid I don't know, but I get them now and thank goodness, so do my kids.

I don't know if it was due to our slow start or not, but the day seemed to drag by.  Bryce finished all of his studies but Bonnie and Brian didn't make it to science.  Time ran out.  I still had to run errands, fix dinner, put together a snack, and host a Bible study at the house.

The day is just about over.  Everyone is in the rooms, supposedly winding down for the night, but the war yelps I hear coming from the boys' room means they are still wound up not down.  Shortly, the lights will go out, I'll watch my new favorite Monday night show on A&E - Hoarders and then tuck in.

The ice has been broken.  The school week has officially started and we all survived.  So why don't I feel ready for tomorrow?  Oh well!  Such is life.

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