Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Getting it Right

Parenting teenagers is not a piece of cake.  We have three of them and each one is an island unto themselves.  What works for one does not work for the other and vice versa.  Last night everything was going fine around the table until a particular topic was brought up.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the group this particular topic was extremely sensitive to one of the teens.  Imagine everyone totally perplexed as to why this one person was becoming extremely upset.  I am afraid we didn't make matters any better by trying to find the root of the problem and my diversionary tactic of making up a fake story to break everyone out of their mood got a laugh out of everyone except the offended party.  Ughh!!!  Why????  

Discussions, confrontations,  accusations,   prayers....lots of prayers....

An hour later the offended party emerged from their room seeking forgiveness.  Apologizing for their reactions.  Praises of thanksgiving that all is not lost.  Hugs, laughter, and moving forward again. 

One day I will be able to remind the "offended one" of this incident and we will all laugh.  I look forward to that day.

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