Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Presents and Views

 I managed to pry the boys away from the computer today so they could try out their bows and arrows.  Bryce got a junior cross bow for his birthday, while Brian got a Recurve Bow for Christmas.  The property is the best place to try out their "weapons" so we loaded up and took off after lunch.
 While they practiced their shooting skills I wondered around the property envisioning our future home.  Todd came out earlier in the week to map out the dimensions of the house.  It was cool to walk around the hillside imagining how it would be to sit in the family room and look out the window.  Todd's next project will be to cut down the trees that are in the way.  Fortunately, there are not any BIG ones, but unfortunately, non of the trees are good for the wood stove.  They will make great campfire wood though.  Once the trees are removed then it will be time to pull out the backhoe and dig out the hillside.  I am so excited I can't stand it!!!!
 The one Christmas present that I asked for this year was wooden spoons.  You may laugh, but I have had one wooden spoon for 21 years of marriage and it broke last month.  Thanks to my daughter and mother-in-law I now have a dozen spoons.  Yeah Me!!!

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