Friday, December 26, 2014


 Christmas came to the James household like clock work thanks to Bryce.  He is my guy that insists that we all stick to tradition.  6:00am has always been the official wake up call for our Christmas festivities to begin.  Bryce hounded everyone the night before to make sure their alarms were set.  Bonnie, who would love to have slept in later, conceded, and at six everyone was downstairs waiting to begin.

 It was a good haul this year.  Bonnie got a Schwinn Cruiser which will help her as she commutes to work at the pool or the hotel where she is on staff as housekeeping this summer.  Bryce got his Chaos Tower that he has been asking for these past few years, and Brian got Minecraft for the PC, which means we will never see him again.  sigh.....My request for Christmas was wooden spoons which Bonnie got me as well as my mother in law.  I now have a dozen wooden spoons!   Yeah!!!   I also got for the family the Rosetta Stone's Spanish Language course.  You can guess what Bryce and I will be doing during school this next semester. 
 My mom also got all of the kids alarm clocks.  No more excuses in the morning that my clock didn't work.  I expect everyone to be up on time when school starts back up.
For Todd's family I made cinnamon rolls again.  This time I covered them with cream cheese icing and caramel icing.  Yum! 
By noon we headed over to my in laws for the family Christmas gathering.  My mom-in-law hosted it this year even though my father-in-law's Alzheimers is getting worse.  The hardest part with him is that he whistles or talks non-stop and demands your attention.  He also follows mom around everywhere she goes. Despite that we managed and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. 

We ended the day by going to see the movie Into the Woods, which was fantastic.  Be forewarned.  It is a musical.  Remember it was originally a Broadway play.  Lots of humor.  Lots of fun. 

So all in all, it was a good day.  Bonnie and I will be heading off to the church shortly.  I have things to do in the office and Bonnie has to clean the downstairs.  Bonnie will then head off to Camas Meadows Bible Camp to work in the kitchen for this weekends retreat. 

I hope your Christmas was Merry!

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