Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Lighting

 Tonight Bonnie fulfilled her final duties as Leavenworth's Distinguished Young Woman by welcoming all of our out of town guests to our 48th annual Christmas lighting.  Believe it or not tonight's crowd was about a third of last nights group.  Still, there were a couple of thousands of people there.  Bonnie did great on stage.  She really surprised her dad and I when she got the kids all excited about the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Once again Bonnie demonstrated that she is a natural on stage.  The girl has no fear, well, the only thing she seems to be afraid of is getting a B in school. Lol...  Love my girl!

 Hanging out backstage with Councilman Tibor Lak and the Clauses.
 One proud momma waiting in the crowd.

Bonnie doing her thing.

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