Friday, December 19, 2014

Band Concert

 Last night we headed over to the high school to hear Brian play in the Concert Band.  As usual, he was pretty nervous, but not as much as the last concert.  This time around he did not have to play the xylophone which made it a bit easier for him.  I was so impressed watching him handle the different parts of the drum and juggling the various mallets to obtain the different sounds.  During the last song, the other drummer took over the snare and Brian played the other percussionist instruments. 

Last weekend while manning the bank parking lot for the band, I talked with one of the senior band members who is also part of the jazz band about Brian trying out for jazz band.  The senior informed me that there was no doubt about Brian getting a spot.  Wow!  I love that Brian is enjoying band and desires to stick with it during his high school years.  I have to say that band is the one bright spot about Brian going to public school. 

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