Monday, November 18, 2013

Silly People

Last month we had Crazy Hat Night at AWANA.  Lucky for us, we have the Hat Shop in Leavenworth.  I got a few crazy hats to give as prizes to the clubbers who had the craziest hat.  Todd thought he should model the hat for the clubbers.  What you think?  He could be Elmo's dad.

Todd couldn't resist dressing up with the kids for Halloween night.  
Bonnie raided the drama club's costume closet and came home with this fur coat.  She wanted to be CruElla DeVille (101 Dalmations).  She was my candy dispenser until her friend showed up at the front door at which point Bonnie left me to hit the streets.  

I live with a bunch of silly people.  Halloween is a blast in Leavenworth.  One mom told me that I should just put a bowl of candy at the front door and join the fun.  I might just do that.

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