Sunday, November 17, 2013


 Bonnie's play, Absurdities, came to a close last night.  I got a few shots from her second sketch entitled, Soap Opera.  You can watch it on You Tube - Soap Opera 11 09 13 Cascade High School.
Bonnie plays Mabel.  She appears as the childhood friend of Manuel, a young man who is in love with his moms Maypole washing machine.

Bonnie comes back as a college student to see if Manuel is interested in her or if he is still obsessed with his washing machine. He is.  In fact, he is studying to be a Maypole repairman.

Bonnie continues to appear each time a few more years down line. Finally, Manuel accepts Mabel and dumps the washing machine.  It is a silly sketch based off the the Maytag repairman commercials.

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