Thursday, November 14, 2013


This blog is pretty pathetic. I just read my friend's,Sue, blog, and now I have blog envy. Seriously! She is so faithful at posting everyday and including pictures too. I think my problem is technology. Brian has taken over the net book and our main computer is on the fritz so I am left with my iPad which is great for reading everyone's blogs but not so fun to type on. I also haven't figured out how to post pictures that I have stored on my iPad to my blog.  Sigh....

Bonnie's play, Absurdities, is this week.  Tonight the boys and I man the ticket and concessions tables.  Bryce made snicker doodles and oatmeal cookies for concessions and I am baking them.  Thankfully a few other moms are helping me make goodies. Bonnie also registered for her winter quarter. She is going to take pre-calculus, study skills, and Pilates and yoga for P.E.  She still has her AP History class at the high school.

Todd has been busy burning all of the brush on the property.  It is really looking great out there.  He took a truck load of scrap metal off the property and got a hundred dollars for it!  We still have another truck load to take. Yeah, more money.

Sorry for my pathetic blog.  It is all I have got.

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  1. lol It's not pathetic! I always really love reading here. (Pictures are always fun, though, so hopefully you can get your camera issue figured out.)