Saturday, November 30, 2013

Decorating Day

The day after Thanksgiving has become our traditional day to decorate.
This year Todd wanted to add lights to the outside of the house.  Not just any lights, but LED lights.  After a couple of trips to the hardware store, I finally got what he wanted.  Todd and Brian then headed to the roof to start stringing them. We only did the bottom roof line.  Next year, we will add the top roof line.

Bryce is my one kid who can't wait to decorate.  He was up bright and early ready to get things started.  Bonnie and I had already been to town to do some Christmas shopping at 4am and had returned home by 7:30, so we let Bryce do all the living room prep while we ate breakfast.  He then got out the tree by himself.  Bonnie helped him fluff it up and I helped him string on the lights.

Eventually Brian joined us ( out of bed) and ended up on the roof with his dad.
Bonnie took on the job of decorating the banisters.  She did a great job adding bows and decorations to the garland.  She did a better job than I would have done.  (I almost said "much better," which is improper grammar.  I know that because I have taught Language for ten years now.)

Once Brian was off the roof,  he joined in to finish off decorating the tree.
We all had a fun time getting into the holiday spirit.

My kids are all growing up.  They are all taller than me, and before long the boys will be taller than their big sister.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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