Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

We have finally reached the last day of Summer vacation - Labor Day. 

I have to say that my stomach is turning as this day has finally approached.  The biggest reason for my unsettledness is that I do not feel ready for summer to be over and school to begin.  I have spent the last hour this morning going over the Washington Virtual Academy website looking over what we need to do to get started for this school year.  I have procrastinated badly about getting ready and I now realize that all of those boxes that Brian's school books came in had some valuable information printed on them, but I, in my desire to unclutter our house, tore them down and sent them all to the recycler.  Oops! 

Fortunately, I am not in too much trouble with WaVA.  School officially starts on Wednesday so Brian can do his Online Orientation class tomorrow while I get Bryce started on his school work.  Wednesday, Brian and I have to sit in on a Orientation meeting at 11 am and then on the 12th he is scheduled to take a math and reading assessment test.  The whole idea of this online academy makes me nervous but I keep telling myself that once we get started it will go well.  Everyone that I know who has done WaVA has loved it.  Besides, one of the reasons why I wanted to do the online academy was to keep Brian and myself accountable to some one to keep us motivated and on track.

One thing that concerns me is that our school work will no longer come from a Christian Worldview but instead we are allowing the Common Core into our home.  I don't like the Common Core but this is one thing I know.  I am so thankful for the Christian education I received while growing up but I feel that it did not prepare me to defend my faith and my beliefs against what the public schools are teaching.  I didn't know how to combat their worldview and their thinking.  When a soldier is being prepared to go into battle, one thing he does is learn about the weapons his enemy uses and how to disarm them or defeat them.  By allowing my children who have been equipped with the armor of God to go into the public educational field as high schoolers we are trying to expose them to the world's educational system so that they can identify the fallacies in their teaching and know how to stand up against it, to know how to defend their worldview, to know how to witness and shine a light/be a light in this world that we live in. 

After going through the WAVA site this morning, I don't know if I more nervous now than before I looked at it.  So....time to get rid of some nerves by tearing apart an old barn.  

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