Saturday, September 14, 2013

To Busy To Blog...among other things

Where has all the time gone....So much many things to blog about.....too tired to do it.....Can you relate?

I am so jealous of my friend, Sue.  Her blog is so up-to-date and full of cool pics and fun happenings.  I wish I could do my blog justice.  Thanks for being patient with me, oh-ye-few,  who actually take the time to see if Kellie has blogged about anything.  Keep checking in.  Don't leave me. lol

What to tell you about first...

....Labor Day weekend with the Harpers....tubing down the Wenatchee River...trying to make our float a long, relaxing, memorable turned into a three hour long float with a leaky tube, sun setting, bone chilling but over all fun time....

....A visit from a North Carolina homeschool friend, Laura Popovich and her daughter, AJ, who were touring WA as AJ was promoting her artwork... .

....starting the Washington Virtual Academy and figuring out how it works, budgeting time to make it to all of the online, scheduled orientations, sitting through hours of classes with teachers who were all telling you the same thing on how to use the online school...patiently guiding your child through how to be an active online student....

....coming to terms with the fact that my oldest child is 16 and starting the Community College in a week...She is also taking an AP class at the high school and making an "A" so far on all of her quizzes and tests.!!! Yeah!!!!  So proud of her....She is also the secretary for the drama club and active in meetings and planning...trying out for the fall play...ministering to a close friend whose mother died last week of cancer....trying to figure out how to be a witness in school and with her friends...growing up too fast...

....harvesting the garden-green beans, carrots, lots and lots of zucchini (want any?), tomatoes, peppers, potatoes....canning, freezing, dehydrating,...

...working on the Chumstick Property (we have made arrangements with my mother-in-law to purchase her 4.71 acres), putting in power, building a shed, cleaning up all of the stuff that has been dumped on it for the past thirty plus years....: (....rejoicing in finding plum trees, apple trees, blackberries, and who knows what else....

See what I mean...busy, busy, busy...who has time to blog?

We did one really cool thing this week.  Brian has to make a thirty second video introducing himself and what he likes to do for his Physical Science class.  He decided that he wanted to make a video of himself rock climbing.  Once he has the video finished (he still has to edit it) I will post it.  However, here are a few pics from our video session.

                         Bryce climbing the rock.                            Todd getting Brian all hooked up
                    Todd makes climbing look easy.


  1. LOL! Are you kidding? That tubing trip was a blast! We made some very fun memories.

  2. It was great...Next time we will have to take off earlier in the day so that we get full benefit of the sun. Tomorrow is our last day of hot weather. Storms coming in then the temps are dropping to the 70s and 60s. 99 yesterday and 95 today. Goodbye Summer. Time to pack up the tubes til next year.