Sunday, September 29, 2013

 It is harvest time here.  I have pulled up my garden and brought in all of the veggies.  Some green tomatoes are ripening in their boxes.  Another bowl of tomatoes are ready to be canned.  I have been using my dehydrator a lot and I love it!!!  I dried a case of pears and 12 trays of plums.  I have been putting all of the dried fruit in my homemade granola.  I have even dried zucchini and tomatoes.  I plan to use the zucchinis in soups this winter and I heard I can take the dried tomatoes, crush them, and then when I add water to the tomato powder I can make it into paste or sauce. 
 Todd continues to work on the Chumstick property.  Our shed is just about done, i.e. it has a finished roof and a door that we can padlock.  We still need to close up the top and put siding on it, but at least we can store things inside and know that everything will stay dry. 
 Tuesday the school had a fundraiser for Haiti among other things. Now that Bonnie is at the college we are out of the loop with all of the school functions.  However, Bonnie was home from college early enough to participate in the Color Run.  Kids ran around town while people threw color bombs at them.  The streets and sidewalks were covered in yellow, purple, and pink chalk.  The kids wore their colors proudly as well. 
Bonnie finished her first week at the community college.  She is really enjoying it and finds the course load doable.  She finally appreciates all of the diagramming and grammar lessons she had with Abeka since that is all she has done in her English 101 class.  She is liking her Art History Survey and is excited about her Economics 101 class.  Her most challenging class is her AP History class that she is taking at the high school.  She is showing herself to be a good, disciplined student.

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