Monday, September 16, 2013

Science Nightmares

This weekend has been a HUGE drain on me mainly due to trying to play catch up with Brian's school work.  I thought we had it under control but realized that we were sadly behind in science.  We managed to get his science video made and posted last night but I ended up having to sit through one of Brian's recorded online class sessions so that I could hear a one minute blurb about 45 minutes into class on how to submit the video.  The teacher didn't really explain where to submit it so it took another ten minutes or more to figure out where to submit the video.  It was getting late so I sent Brian to bed and submitted it for him.  I am still not convinced we did it right.  This morning he has to watch the other students videos (just two not all seventy) and comment on them how they used energy and influenced matter.  I dreamed about the video, and Brian's assignments all night.   Ugh!
He has til noon to finish this project and catch up on his reading.   Remind me why we are doing this?  Oh yeah, to train my kids to be thorough, organized, responsible, and accountable...that's why!

I posted the video on Facebook if you want to see it.  I will try to get it on here later.


  1. You're experiencing the exact same issue with WAVA that we did, and the reason why I thought the year we used it was a somewhat trying year. That is, it's very challenging to keep up with their relentless schedule. In our case they made a big mistake with Baylee's schoolwork right at the outset, and it took days and days to get it sorted out, but they never changed the "percentage due" expectations. We were always playing catch up.

  2. Oh dear.. We did manage to catch up today. We got everything in and on time. I might be able to sleep tonight.