Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Week Down

Monday, Bonnie and I went to the community college to tour the campus on our own.  Bonnie is pretty nervous about starting school there on Monday so we went to the college to find out where her classes will meet.  Once we figured out where all of her classes were located, we headed over to the bookstore and purchased her textbooks.  She was pretty excited to find used textbooks and only had to pay half price.

Also on Monday, Todd took off to attend the Regional Pastor's Conference in Spokane.   He came back home on Tuesday only to take off on Thursday for Aberdeen to help our sister-in-law drop off my niece to visit a friend.  Poor Todd drove from the east side of Washington to the west side.  He has had very little time to do much this week.

The kids and I have continued to go to the gym every morning this week to workout.  The novelty has started to wear off so it is getting a little harder for one of my children to be excited about working out, but regardless of their attitude, we are there.  I ran longer than I ever have so I have hope that I will be able to run a 10k in April, at least that is our goal.

Tonight we all headed out to the Chumstick property to have a campfire and cookout.  The boys found a concrete well casing that we have turned into a fire pit.  It was so nice to sit out there and roast our hotdogs over the fire and enjoy a quiet evening.  I wish we had brought the camper out there.  I could have crawled into it and fell fast asleep. 

We finish our week with Brian's birthday tomorrow.  The Big 14!

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