Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Witness

School started yesterday here in Leavenworth.  We were going to start too, but decided to put off school til after Labor Day.  Funny, I haven't heard anyone complain about it.  As homeschoolers we are always curious about what curriculum everyone is using so I thought I would fill you in.  Brian is doing the Washington Virtual Academy (WaVA) this year as a freshman.  His books were waiting for us when we got back from Tennessee.  True to form, Brian grabbed his Geometry book and began reading through the first chapter.  The next morning he began to educate me on all the geometric terms he had learned the night before.  lol  Love that boy.  What he didn't do is pick up his literature books and start reading them.  ha.... Brian's classes this year are Geometry, Washington State history, English and Literature Analysis I - his literature books included The Diary of Anne Frank, Romeo and Juliet, the Life and Times of Fredrick Douglas, and Classical Literature for Young Readers.  He is also taking Physical Science, Introduction to Computers, Web Design, Game Design, and Music Appreciation.  He is looking forward to all of his classes but literature.  (The boy only likes to read what he wants to read.)

For Bryce I have decided to dig through my stash of curriculum and use what we have on hand.  That means we are pulling out our Tapestry of Grace again.  We will be doing Year 3 which focuses on the 1800s.  I loved that study and love the attention to detail and literature books that TOG suggested.  I have most of them on hand and am pretty excited about using TOG again.  He will continue with Abeka math (Basic Mathematics), language, and science.  We will also continue to work through his Sequential Spelling book. 

Bonnie is taking one class at the local high school this year which is AP US History which she started yesterday.  She already likes Mr. Allen and has some quality students in that class.  In a few weeks, she will then start her classes at Wenatchee Valley College.  At WVC she will be taking Art Survey, Economics, and English 101 for the first quarter.  Last week Bonnie went to an orientation at the college to help her get to know the campus better and where all of the classes are.  She walked away more confused than ever, so I told her we would go back on our own with her class schedule and find the rooms and walk from one room to the other so she knows where she is going.  She is pretty nervous but excited.

Now to my title of this entry, A Witness.  Bonnie was a witness to an accident yesterday morning on the way to school.  Our neighbor boy who is a senior in high school got "hit" by a school bus while walking to school.  Don't get panicky.  Nothing was broken.  The boy and the bus decided to cross the road at the same time.  The bus didn't see the boy and the boy evidently figured the bus would stop and wait for him, because he had to have seen the bus.  Bonnie was walking to school and saw what happened and has had to report to the principal what she saw and was told that a police officer will be questioning her later today.  What a way to start off the first day of school.

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  1. Cool! I remember how exciting it was when I got all those boxes of stuff from WAVA! (You probably already thought of this, but save the boxes. They're really useful to send the stuff back in at the end of the school year.)