Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Day the Children Cried

Yesterday, while the majority of school aged children celebrated a day off of school, slept in, laid around in their jammies til noon, or vegged in front of the tv, our children were cruelly subjected to taking a hike in the snow covered Cascade Mountains. 
Oh, it was fun at first.  They threw snow balls and eagerly hiked along the trail.  We stopped a short way up to look at the animal tracks in the snow that reminded us that we were not alone.
We never did see the bear that left these tracks, but continued to trudge along.  After about 30 minutes the trail became steeper.  Before long the moaning began.  Cries to turn back rang out.  Pleas for pity.
Don't let the smiles on their faces fool you. The minute the snap shot was taken the begging and pleading began again.  But the cruel, insensitive parents said "No"  and we continued to climb.  Their dad even set his phone to his "whip" setting and began to "crack the whip".

Finally after an hour of hiking, the cruel, sadistic parents looked into the sad, forlorn faces of their children...

....and gave in to their pleads allowing them to slip and slide all the way back down the mountain.

But not before they celebrated for being cruel, mean, sadistic, crazy,.....parents!

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