Sunday, November 18, 2012

Having Bonnie in high school has been quite a ride.  She is really enjoying her time there.  Her two favorite classes are Living Skills (because they cook in it.) and Geometry (because her teacher actually teaches). 

One of the things that I enjoy about high school is that Bonnie gets to pursue some of her passions like singing and acting.  This semester Bonnie is in the school choir.  She hopes to get into the select choir next semester.  She is currently working with another student on a duet to try to get in. 

Last night concluded Bonnie's final performance in the Curious Savage.  She portrayed a nurse who takes care of a group of patients that are socially challenged.  A new patient, Mrs. Savage, has been admitted by her step-children who are afraid that she is going to give away all of their money with her crazy charities.  It was a great comedy and Bonnie did an awesome job.

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