Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So Far...Awesome

Today has been pretty awesome!
One of those days that make you smile and remind you why you love homeschooling.
The kids were engaged, focused, laughed, and didn't balk at writing...(ok - Brian still hates filling in his timeline but did it anyway.)

We had a great discussion on Martin Luther.  The kids and I are working on an advanced cluster diagram on him.  On one day we came up with our theme and three major points.  Today we came up with three or four sub points for each major point.  Tomorrow's task is to take all of our points and flesh out a paper.  The fact that everyone was writing and giving good points and putting their ideas on paper was thrilling for me.  Writing is not our strong point.  Math and science comes easy for us but don't ask us (at least the boys) to put their thoughts on paper.  The cluster diagram is a tool to show them how easy writing is if you break it down into simple points/ideas.  Little things like that excite me.

Right now, I am battling over next year's school curriculum.  With one in high school and a second one close behind, I need to make some changes.  I need something that will help me know that my kids are equipped for college or life.  I have been looking at on-line schools such as Abeka Academy or Bob Jones On-Line school.  My girlfriend, however, is encouraging me to look at Classical Conversations.  CC is very much like what we are currently using - Tapestry of Grace.  The positive about CC is that we would have a group we meet with on a weekly basis and they have a top-notch program.  When I have discussed the options before the kids, they have all agreed that they favor going with Classical Conversations.

Last night, I sat in on a director's meeting for CC.  If I pursue this option, I will need to attend a 3 day practicum in the next couple of months and connect with our local group (Wenatchee).  Lots to think and pray about. 

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