Friday, January 27, 2012

Week Two

It's the families second week of skiing at Mission Ridge.
The weather was a lot nicer and the sun was out, but don't be fooled.  It was cold up there.

The kids start off going to ski school.  
To make sure they remember what to do, their instructor had them use the tow rope one more time to show him they knew how to ski.

He then had them go up Chair 1.  That is the chair that drops them off at the easiest slope.  Todd took the kids on Chair 1 last week so this was nothing new to them.
The kids did well for their instructor, but I heard Bryce took too long to come down so he got sent back to the tow rope.  After lunch I asked Todd to take Bryce up Chair 1 again to help him.  By the end of the afternoon, Bryce proudly reported to me that he had gone up Chair 1 nine times.  
I opted out of skiing today.
Last week during one of the many times that I crashed and burned, I tore, injured, did something to some muscles in my chest.  It hurts to breathe deep, sneeze, or move my arm too much.  I want to be fully in charge of my body on the slope and asked for one more week to heal.

I had to confess to my dear husband, that when he talked about skiing with the kids, my thought was "That would be great time for Todd to spend with the kidos."  Notice I didn't include myself in that.  I thought I would be spending Fridays alone and was looking forward to it.  Todd really wants this to be a family activity, so I have promised to try skiing again.

We are finally home.  Todd is soaking in a hot tub.  Bonnie is spending a night at a friends, and the boys and I are enjoying a pot of warm chili.  Soon we will settle down to watch Real Steel before turning in for the night.

Goodnight Everyone.

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