Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sore Muscles... body hurts!
Friday, the family went up on Mission Ridge to learn how to ski.  You may think that we were taking a day off of school but we were actually joining the Christian school in town.  You see they don't have a regular PE class so they cram all of their PE into five Fridays in the winter skiing.  In the morning the students take lessons and then they have four hours to ski in the afternoon.  We were fortunate to be allowed to participate with the Christian school this year.  Bonnie, Brian, and Bryce are taking lessons in the morning, while Todd and I ski.  After lunch we all ski in the afternoon.  Of course, that is easier to type  than it is to act on.  You see, I really don't know how to ski.  Friday was my first time in sixteen years to try skiing and let's say I stink at it.  It took me over an hour to get down the easy slope (according to Todd it takes the average skier five minutes to get down the slope.) Yep...I stink.  I lost count with how many times I fell. I was shaking and wanted to throw the towel in multiple times.  Finally I made it down and was glad to head to the lodge.  After lunch, Todd took the kids who had spent the morning on the tow rope up the chair lift and down the easy slope.  They did much better than I did.  I, on the other hand, spent my afternoon on the tow rope and practiced skiing in and out of the cones set up.  It was so easy there.  I wish the easy slope was more like the beginner course.  sigh....I plan on going back up next Friday.  I have to do it again.  I have to prove to myself that I can do it.  I hope I learn to enjoy skiing for the family's sake.  I want to enjoy it but right now it is pure torture.

On another note...Bonnie participated in the 30 hour Famine fundraiser for starving children.  I was very impressed with how she called up people and asked for them to sponsor her.  She raised about two hundred dollars for the cause.  I didn't need to do anything but sit back and watch.  Already she is asking to get a job in town.  She picked up a job application for the Enzian Inn.  I am not sure if I am ready to let her go in to the work world, but on the other hand she has wanted to work and make money since she was little.  I feel safe allowing her to work here and eager to see her grow into a young woman.

Finally,  winter has hit Leavenworth full force. In this last week we have gotten at least two feet of snow.  I love it.  Snow is beautiful and refreshing.  Bonnie and I just took a walk into town.  The snow covered us from head to foot.  We had to walk on the road in the tire tracks because the snow was mid-calf high on the side walks.  Oh, how I love this town. 

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  1. So jealous! I love downhill skiing. You guys stay safe and have a bunch of fun Fridays!