Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ira Finkelstein's Christmas Vacation

That is the name of the movie they are making here in Leavenworth.  They will only be here for the next two weeks filming the "Christmastown" scenes, and then back to Seattle to film the rest. 

Today I spent the morning with the young actor who plays Ira.  He is home schooled so there wasn't much for me to do but sit.  At one point I had to check the angles he had constructed, but other than that, he had a teacher's key to check all of his work.  He is one of thirteen children and his mom has homeschooled all of them that are of school age.  I would love to have a cup of coffee with her.

Right now, however, I am stressing out a bit.  I got notice that I need to bring in my credentials tomorrow and fill out some paper work.  I told them on the phone that I received my degree in '92 and have been homeschooling for the past seven years.  I haven't been in an official classroom for a while.  That didn't seem to bother them so hopefully the fact that I can't find my diploma won't bother them either.  Pathetic isn't it?!  Actually, I am quite sick to my stomach.  There have been several things as of late that I can't find.  My brain is all jumbled up inside as to where all of our things are.  I know where they used to be in North Carolina, but I can't find them since the move.

Tonight, Todd and I went through every box in the garage and I still can't find my diploma.  I even went through Todd's office at church.  I found the jacket that the certificate was in  but not the certificate.  I had it framed and sitting on a bookshelf back east but where it went I don't know.

So, what does this mean?  Well, I am prepared for them to tell me that I can't work for them.  I am disappointed in myself for my lack of organization when it comes to important documents.   So once again I will update you tomorrow.  As of now, I am scheduled to school the young girl actor after church and then the boy who plays Ira once again.  A good four hours tomorrow. 

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