Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Over?

I can't believe our summer is over.  I am not ready for this season to end.  If I could eek out another week or two I would, but ready or not it is time for school to start.  This year Brian will be going to the public high school.  Last week we registered him for classes, attended orientation, and got his class schedule and locker.  Cascade High School has a block schedule which means instead of having eight one hour classes all year, they have four 90 minute classes each semester.  Brian's schedule for first semester is PE/Concert Band, Video Game Programming, Inquiry Science I (Physical Science) and Freshman English.  Next semester he will take Living Skills, Metal Shop, Geometry, and Health. School starts on Tuesday this week.  Our school district does a graduated start.  They start the year with a three day week this week, four days next week, and then five days. 

Bryce and I will start school at the same time Brian does.  This year I signed Bryce up to attend the Columbia Christian Homeschool Co-Op.  He will be taking English II with Matt Turnbull who uses the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum.  I am really excited about Bryce participating in this group.  I tried to get him into a few other classes but since there were not enough students they were cancelled.  Besides his English class, Bryce will be taking Pre-Algebra (Saxon), Apologia General Science, Tapestry of Grace Year 4 (1900 to present), Introduction to Great Composers for music, and Spell to Read and Write spelling program.  Other skills he will be working on will be typing, penmanship, and art.  Bryce and I will also continue to go to the gym every day for PE. 

Bonnie will be taking all of her classes at the community college which starts September 22.  She is excited to have the next three weeks to her self.  She has worked just about every day this summer so to have no work and no school and no brothers around will be her own vacation.  She still has a few parades to attend as Leavenworth's DYW.  Saturday we will travel over to Ritzville for their parade, then two weeks later we go to Othello, then two weeks after that will be Leavenworth's Autumn Leaf Festival.  She will also be working with our local DYW board as they put on this year's program to find the next Distinguished Young Woman. 

I can't believe my little girl is 17 and finishing up her last year of school.  She is still not decided on what she will do next year.  I am leaning more and more on her attending Washington State University, mainly because it is more affordable.  I know they have Christian housing, several churches close by, and Christian organizations on  campus.  She would like to go to George Fox but for one year of George Fox University she can attend three years at WSU. more day of summer break then we are off.

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