Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Results

Bonnie is still sleeping here at the hotel, but I can't seem to sleep anymore so I started a pot of coffee and thought I would update everyone on the results from last night's competition.

Bonnie did great!  Our seats were at the top of the stands right where Bonnie came in.  She was so excited to see us, that is the Leavenworth DYW board and me, and we were so excited to see her, it was hard not to go over and grab her and hug her.  She made it through the opening number and then on to the talent portion of the competition.  Bonnie was contestant number 2 which was great for me because that meant I got to see her perform early and didn't have to agonize through the whole thing.  Bonnie looked great on stage and sang beautifully.  For someone who has not had any training I think she was awesome. I would have a hard time ranking the talent portion since there are so many different talents performed.  They had one inspirational speech, three dancers, three pianists, and the rest were singers.   Of all the singers she ranked third best in my book. Two gals won the talent portion.  One was a young lady who sang "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" from the Broadway play My Fair Lady.  The other gal was a pianist who played a piece from Mozart.

 For fitness, Bonnie gave it her all.  She knew that this part was her weakest.  She has not been in dance, gymnastics, ballet, or in any regular sport like many of these girls.  Regardless, Bonnie gave it 110% and I was so proud of her.  I have to say, I cried every time my girl was center stage because I was so proud.

For self-expression Bonnie wore the red dress that I have been working on all week adding rhinestones and sparkles to.  It was a better choice than the pewter color dress we had originally chosen.  While training for Self-Expression, Bonnie had been coached to keep her answers short and concise.  She was warned that the judges would mark her down if the answer was to wordy.  Bonnie did that but could have added one more sentence to help clarify her answer.  The girl who won Self-Expression was very wordy, but I guess they liked her answer so that didn't count against her.

Seven out of the fifteen girls won an award.  Two of the seven won two awards, and one of the seven won every category  and the over all competition.   Poor Bonnie was disappointed in her self for not doing better, but I couldn't be prouder.  She did it!  She put herself out on display for the world to see and I thought she did awesome.  She won in my book.  This experience is just another stepping stone in preparing herself to be the young lady God wants her to be.  Who knows where all of this will lead. 

In an hour, Bonnie and I will have breakfast with one of our Leavenworth DYW board members then head home.  I have a feeling I will be driving home so she can catch up on some sleep.  The poor girl is exhausted.

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