Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DYW Pics

A short time ago I got a thumb drive full of pictures from Bonnie's competition that I purchased since we were not allowed to take pictures during the final competition.

 Right after the girls arrived for the competition and got everything settled, they all went out to play putt-putt with their host families.  Here is Bonnie with her host parents and her fellow competitors, Savannah and Allison.

 During the week the girls  had lunch with groups like the Kiwanis club and the local Senior Center. 
 The theme for the competition was A Day at Disney.  They played all the old Disney music like "Zippidy Doo-Da" and such.  The girls were asked to dress like they were going to Disney for the day for the opening number.  We were thinking about Bonnie dressing up like Minnie Mouse with the red dress with white polka dots but glad we didn't go that route as several girls were dressed like Minnie.  Instead we found this really cute shirt on Ebay.  We then made a cute hair bow for Bonnie to wear and red shoes to finish the outfit.  I thought she looked cute.

 The talent portion was right after the opening number and Bonnie did a quick change to sing the song "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables.  She sang very well.  In fact of the seven girls singing I ranked her in the top three.
 After talent was fitness.  Wow...what a workout.  We knew this was Bonnie's weakest portion.  So many of these girls were dancers and gymnast who could easily put their legs behind their heads and fold up into a pretzel.  Despite it all, Bonnie did well.

 Finally was the Self Expression segment were you showed poise, grace, and confidence under pressure.  The girls were given a question to answer and a time limit in which to answer it.  This picture was actually taken during a dress rehearsal.  Bonnie had two self expression dresses.  She wore the pewter dress during rehearsal but chose to wear the red dress for the actual competition which I am glad she did.  The red dress was more flattering than the pewter dress. 

 Finally over,  after the last award was given and the curtain drawn, the girls gathered for one last photo.

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