Thursday, August 28, 2014

One week done thirty-eight to go

I kind of like this graduated start.  To be honest, I didn't want to start school at all this week, but three days of school is not so bad.  Everyone keeps asking how Brian is doing.  I struggle with a response.  On one hand he is doing fine.  He is excited about his band class and feels that he is going to really enjoy that time with the concert band.  He is still trying to get going in his video game programming class.  The first day the computer system was not set up for him to log in so he could not do anything.  By day two he was in the system but couldn't access the sites he wanted to.  His assignment is to take his favorite computer game and remake it.   His problem is that the school system will not allow him on to the game site he uses.  It's blocked.  The solution is for him to talk with his teacher and find a way to problem solve.  I am praying that he does that today. 

Brian had his first homework assignment on Tuesday when his science teacher told the class to write about what they thought were the top ten scientific discoveries and why with a picture included.  Brian brainstormed at school but when given the time to work on it at home doddled (is that a word)....he squandered his time...Oh know...I we go again.  After his dad gave him a time restriction he got to work but due to a poor attitude was not able to finish the assignment.  All my fears surfaced and was ready to scream...not again....Brian pulled it together and before school he had the assignment completed.  Of course, he came home yesterday with another writing assignment this time from English.  A story about a school memory.....according to Brian he has no memories.  He purposefully forgets everything concerning school and therefore has nothing to write about.  The horror starts again.  My stomach sinks.  My fears renew.  Finally, Brian puts together a paper about his first day of school.  Relief fills me.  I can sleep again. 

So how is he doing?  He is doing is not going to be an easy semester. Not with English and all the writing assignments he will have to complete.  So I am still on edge.  Waiting for the ball to drop.  Waiting for the power struggles.  Hating to let my boy fail but knowing that it is the best teacher.  Knowing that he may have to fail in order to motivate him to succeed.  Trusting in love and logic is so much easier when reading it in a book but so hard to live it out.  One down; thirty-eight more to go!

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