Tuesday, March 25, 2014


While our friends and family in the northeast and midwest are still under a blanket of snow from this year's hard winter, we are experiencing the full effects of spring here.  Warm weather, an occasional rain shower, even the threat of thunderstorms are in the forecast.  I am so ready for spring break.  Unfortunately, we don't really get one this year. None of our spring breaks line up which is quite a bummer.  Bonnie is on break from the college this week.  She finished her quarter exams last week earning an A in Pre-Cal, an A in PE (duh!), and a B in study skills (for some reason the teacher didn't like Bonnie's research paper even though she met all the requirements. go figure.)  The high school doesn't start their spring break until next week when Bonnie starts her third quarter classes.  So she is always in class somewhere this spring.  Brian (and consequently Bryce) has his spring break the following week which cannot come soon enough.  I can't complain to much because I will be getting a break next week while everyone is still in school.  I will be flying to Indiana to celebrate my mom's birthday which will give me five days off.

Right now, we are plugging along in school.  Brian is editing his research paper on Theodore Roosevelt which is due at the end of the month.
He is also reading through Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  I don't know about you, but we read that as seniors in high school not freshmen.  Brian's reading list this year has been Lord of the Flies, The Autobiography of Fredrick Douglas, and now Romeo and Juliet.   He has the Diary of Anne Frank still to read for later this semester.  I have to say his reading list is more extensive than what Bonnie had to read as a sophomore at the high school.

Bryce is still working on reading the Magic Tree House series and together we are reading the story of Clara Barton.

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