Monday, March 17, 2014

Home Alone

Todd is in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week to attend our affiliation's Leadership Conference.  I am hoping he comes back refreshed and ready to tackle this next year.  While he is away, I told him I was going to rearrange his office at the church.  Right now, there are books everywhere and I am moving bookcases around.  It is a real mess, but I should have it under control by tomorrow. 

You don't realize how much you depend upon your spouse until they are away.  I felt his absence a lot today, especially as my one-lovely child chose to see how far they could push me.  I hate that.  I really do.  I really wanted to just take said child and lock him/her up til his/her dad got home, but that won't do.  Fortunately, I held my own and prayed and everything has ended well.  The thorn in this child's side is a research paper.  The paper has been written, notes taken, sources cited, but now the rough draft needs to be redone.  Never fun.  The objective tonight was to rewrite the introduction.  A hook needed to be used to capture the readers attention so we managed to come up with a good one.  At least I think it is good.    Now that the introduction has been redone and all plagiarism removed, we will move on to the rest of the paper tomorrow.  I will be glad when this paper is completed. 

I have to say that while there were some rough spots today, we also had some bright spots to rejoice in.  The first BIG news is that the lump that was removed from Todd's back is benign, just like the doctor thought it would be.  No cancer.  sigh of relief.   The second BIG news is that we now have water on our property.  Tumwater Drilling came out on Wednesday and dug our well.  They only had to go 35 feet and it was pumping out 40 - 50 gallons of water per minutes.  Our well in NC pumped out 5 gallons per minute.  Once Todd gets back he will install the pump and set up our well house.  He is going to put a spigot near the garden and another one outside the shed that he built last fall.  Yeah!  Water!!!  The snow is just about gone which means in another month we can start prepping the garden.  The whole well has cost us half of what we thought it would be so we are very excited.

One day down alone.  I will survive.

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