Thursday, March 27, 2014

Movie Night

Last night we had our ANNUAL DRIVE-IN MOVIE night at AWANA. 
All the kids are encouraged to make cars out of cardboard boxes and  bring them to club.  We then project a movie on the wall, fire up the popcorn machine, and enjoy a night at the movies.    It is a lot of fun, but at the same time it is a night I fret over.  I told Todd that I don't look forward to these special events because there are so many ways it can go wrong.  For instance, last year the movie was shorter than I realized so I ended up having 30 minutes to kill.(To my defense, the movie cover said it was an hour long.  I have learned that an hour INCLUDES all of the special features with the movie.) Thankfully, our music leader stepped in and led the kids in song. I also gave a message to end the night.  This year, our movie went too long.  Yes, I do know how to figure out time issues, but for some reason, my calculator in my head wasn't registering.  I blame it on old age.  So, we didn't finish our movie last night.  I told the kids we would finish it at our next club night.  ugh!  See what I mean.  Too many things can go wrong. 
Despite it all, the kids had a blast.  The church smells of popcorn, kernels still liter the floor here and there, the machine has yet to be returned, but I survived.  We all survived.  365 days until we do it again.  May the Lord return before then! lol

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