Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Final Day

Today was our last day at the beach.  Yesterday we went in to Ocean Shores to ride the Go-Karts, get some ice cream, and check out the Ocean Shores beach.  Todd decided to walk home so we left him there while I drove the kids back to the house.  It took Todd two hours to walk back the 6 miles of beach. 

While checking out my facebook, I got a message from my high school/college youth leader from Grace Baptist Church in Chattanooga.  Paul Rice who now lives in Florida works for a company who owns several thousand acres of forest land here in Washington.  It turns out he was staying in Ocean Shores last night so we managed to connect and he came over to visit with us.  It has been twenty-one years since I have seen Paul.  It was Paul's youngest brother who introduced Todd and I and was a grooms man at our wedding.  It was a nice surprise to visit with Paul.

Today we stayed at the house and read books, played a round of spoons and Monopoly, and watched movies.  It was a lazy, lazy day.  The weather once again was perfect so we decided to head back to the beach to try to catch another sunset BEFORE the sun sets.

A perfect end to the day. 

Tomorrow morning we pack up and head north to Forks.  While in Forks we plan to head over to La Push.  Unlike the sandy  beaches over here, La Push's beaches are rocky which means they are a great place to find tidal pools.  We are hoping to find some star fish and other sea creatures in the pools.  We  will then head over to the rain forest and finally make our way to the Kingston ferry crossing before heading back home.

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