Saturday, June 8, 2013


Getting Started
The Goal
Heading Up
Making Lunch
The winds were so strong (50 - 60 mph) that it was hard to run the stoves and melt the snow for water.  There was a snow cave near the campsite and Todd suggested that they put their stove in their.  It sheltered them from the wind and the heat from the stove melted the top of the snow cave which gave them the water they needed for their canteens.
Headquarters (Ranger Station)
Notice the flamingo. lol and how hard the wind is blowing.
The winds really kicked up at base camp.  
Todd said the wind picked up the tent even with three men inside.  
One guy was in his tent alone when the wind tossed him and the tent over.
Heading Back Down
Todd and another team member decided that they were not prepared enough or passionate enough to summit.  Between the soft, wet snow, the high winds, and lack of preparation, they decided to head back down.  
One of the crevasses the team had to navigate around.
I am glad that Todd took the opportunity to go to Rainier.  It was just awesome to be that close to the top, but I am also glad he knew his limits.  We haven't heard if the rest of the team was able to summit or not.  The winds at the top were supposed to be around 85 mph.   If they were going to summit they would have left last night at midnight and should have reached the top by 8 am. 

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