Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

What a great way to spend Father's Day!  Being a pastoral family, Sunday holidays take a back seat.  We have so many responsibilities on Sunday that celebrating anything is hard to do.  So it is nice to be here on vacation with no responsibilities and time to enjoy one another.

Before we left, however, Bonnie and I dropped off my father-in-law's father's day gift.
 Bonnie used an old photo of Don to sketch his face for art class.  I thought she did a great job, so we matted and framed it to give to Don for Father's day. 
The weather has continued to be really nice here.  The weather forecast had been bleak at first but the sun has continued to shine and the temps have stayed in the 60s, much better than what we expected.
 Although conditions are not great for swimming the kids have found plenty to do on the beach.
 Bonnie has been spending her time sketching the landscape around her with pastels.
 The boys found the remnants of a fort and have continued to work on it.
Todd and I have enjoyed just walking the beach and laying out on the sand to read our books.
This is turning out to be a very restful and peaceful vacation.

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