Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After eating our omelets in a bag, the boys and I headed back to the beach.  The tide was out and the sand was covered with sand dollars and tide pools.  We had a lot of fun looking for perfect sand dollars and playing in the water.  Before long my parents and Bonnie joined us.  We gathered up drift wood for a bonfire later in the day, set up some logs for seating around the fire, and found a pallet to use as a wind break.  We thought we could put all of our sand dollars on the crossbars of the pallet to help them dry out but keep them safe from the sea gulls.
We headed in for lunch, a round of Phase 10 and Cribbage, then back to the beach to play some more.  This time we brought the kites and  booggy boards with us. 

The wind was so strong that it took no effort at all to get the kites up in the air.  Once up they stayed up,  We brought our own kites with us, but we found one kite in the Andersen's basement that was pretty cool.  It spun the whole time it was in the air.

Bonnie and Brian weren't interested in kite flying.  Instead they went straight for the water to ride the waves.  It didn't matter to them how cool it was or how windy.

We ended up not having our bonfire.  The wind was blowing about 30 mph so we decided to wait another day.  Oh, and our sand dollars didn't make it either.  When we came back to our camp site, we found all of sand dollars gone except for two and they had been pecked open.  Oh well.  we will head back again tomorrow morning to find more and this time we will bring them back to the house.

Dinner and a the Sackets await us.

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