Friday, July 27, 2012

We finally got to have our bonfire!!!  The morning started off dreary and wet.  It hasn't really rained here.  We just get a heavy mist.  So we stayed inside all morning.  Everyone curled up with a good book or played some cards til late afternoon.  By then the "sun" had come out and the temps had gone up. We packed a cooler with sandwiches, drinks, and s'more ingredients then headed to the beach.
I am glad we waited although Brian was about to drive me crazy asking when we were going to have our fire and make s'mores up until this time.  The weather was great for a fire.  We found more wood to replace the pieces that another group had burned up the night before and had a nice fire.

Bonnie had heard that driftwood produces a blue flame when burned.  It doesn't.  At least not this driftwood.

Remember Bryce's bike accident the day before we left?  He is still sporting a nice black eye, but he also complained about a hurt wrist.  We thought he might have bruised it since there was no swelling and he could move it, but after a few days of it still hurting, we got him a brace that he has to wear all the time.  He is pretty bummed that it affects how rough he can play in the water.  No boogey boarding or diving through waves,  but that is the price one pays for crashing on a bike the day before vacation starts. 

 The boys did get out in the water as the tide was heading in to watch the waves wash over their feet.  We saw another bald eagle while on shore.  Awesomeness!
After filling our bellies of food, the boys ventured down the beach to find a large tree, roots and all, that had been washed up on shore.  The wind has deposited sand all around it and created dunes all around the trunk, a perfect spot to let your imagination run wild.  The boys disappeared behind the tree til it was time to head back home.

Star Wars movies and more cards concluded the night.  Back to bed and one more day on the Pacific coast with Mamaw and Papaw. 

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