Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Day on the Pacific Coast

Brian decided to sleep outside last night.  He got his sister's sleeping bag, a couple blankets and set up camp in the reclining lawn chair on the deck.  With his head lamp and book he settled in late last night and finally came inside about 5 this morning.  His blankets and pillow were soaking wet from the heavy dew but he had fun. 

Today we spent more time on the beach.  Todd went for an early morning run down to Ocean Shores which is two miles south of us.  While running he saw a bald eagle.  Mom and I saw a bald eagle later that morning when we were walking the beach searching for more sand dollars.  It was a chilly, overcast morning with temps in the 50s.  The kids wanted to go swimming but we had to tell them no.  After lunch the sun came out and with warmer temps we went back to the beach for the kids to swim.  We haven't been able to have our camp fire yet as the wind really picks up in the evenings.  We decided that we will have our fire tomorrow afternoon at lunch time.  Hopefully the wind won't be so bad then. 

Bonnie found this really cool sand castle (church) behind some sea grass.  Maybe we will try our hand out building some later this week.

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