Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

At eight a.m. I was nudged and told to get up, we were going to the cemetery. 

A quick dress, a brush of the teeth, hair pinned up and we were ready to go.

This Memorial Day we visited the Mountain View Cemetery in Leavenworth.  Our first stop was the grave site of Jim Saunders, Todd's high school friend who he was able to lead to the Lord.  Jim served as a state trooper near Grand Coulee Dam.  One day he pulled over a speeder.  As he approached the vehicle the speeder pull out a gun and shot Jim.  Jim and his wife, Billie, had a toddler and were expecting their second son when he lost his life. 

Not too far away from Jim's grave site are the sites of Todd's grandparents, Vincent and Faye Brehm.  Grandpa Brehm served in the US Navy and the US Army.  Grandma Faye died two years ago.  It was for her funeral that Todd flew out here and was asked to move out here to pastor our current church.

Thank you to all those who have served our country and died for our freedoms.  Happy Memorial Day.

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